The Uncensored Collection

Private Commission just published our first book, The Uncensored Collection, featuring queer erotica by Samantha Barrow, Ella Boureau, Diana Cage, Claudine Lanthenay, Axon Panter, and Petra Trounce.

These writers bring together years of literary and real-life experience to capture your imagination and peak your interest. Learn things you never knew about butternut squash, turkey legs, fists, fingers, snakes, washing machines, and much, much more!

BOOK LAUNCH Tuesday Feb 11,  7:30pm at Dixon Place, NYC. Full details available here or on our Facebook event page.


The Uncensored CollectionPRINT COPIES AVAILABLE NOW!
Print copies of The Uncensored Collection are now available for purchase at Visit our page and buy your copy today!

Who doesn’t want a little instant gratification now and again? Purchase and download your ebook copy of The Uncensored Collection right now.



“The homosexuals wrote as if they were women. The timid ones wrote about orgies. The frigid ones about frenzied fulfill-ments. The most poetic ones indulged in pure bestiality and the purest ones in perversions. We were haunted by the marvelous tales we could not tell.”

― Anaïs NinDelta of Venus


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